Momental Perfection

Today, at this particular moment in time you are perfect. Perfect in your wounds, perfect in your confusion and perfect in your thoughts.

These may seem as though they are delaying you or keeping you back, stagnant almost, but they form perfect stepping stones for your path on your journey to a destination that is you finding the truest version of yourself. 

Would you seek healing if there was no wound or pain?

Would you seek clarity if there was no confusion?

Would you embark on your journey if there was no thought?

Through healing we discover things that were hidden, even if they were hidden right in front of our eyes. We ask questions and with each step, we find the piece of the puzzle that makes up who we are. 

What are your thoughts today? Write them down for they may not make sense instantly, but unfold into sense as you find answers through your quest to healing your wounds. What pains you right now? Open the door and walk ever so gently through the wound, nursing each bruised cell, removing any distortions that increase the magnitude and pain unnecessarily and take time to get to know and love each part that belongs. Cleanse and heal each small part, time is but a factor of inventions. A maggot is small, yet powerful enough to breed and multiply quickly, eating away any flesh in its way. Your small pain when left untreated can be equated to such a maggot. 

Go through each thought that aims to disqualify you and see if it is supported by any proof. If there is none such proof, find its counterpart and ask yourself "what if". What if you were indeed a great singer or cook or mother or father or teacher, what if you were great in public speaking or numbers? What if you were great in any that very thing you doubt yourself in but have nothing to support the "not so good enough narrative"?

What if you were great, what would that look like?

For anything else that proves to be true there is a root cause. What lies at the root at you not being good in mathematics? What seed gave rise to your fear of speaking in public? When you find the root of it, treat and heal that root you stand firm on grounds of truth and live in accordance to your healed truth, your pure essence. 

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