Unlocking Limiting Beliefs

By now you probably understand how I explain self discovery where I talk about your true self being a pearl inside the center of an onion inside the center of a lettuce inside a cabbage. Self discovery involves first of all knowing that there is such a pearl, learning to swim and dive to retrieve it and then get into the process of peeling all the layers one by one to get to this center. Our limiting beliefs form part of these layers. The more we work on our limiting beliefs the more we heal and the better we get to understand and know ourselves, here's a simple example. 

One of the limiting beliefs I had started to nurse when I got diagnosed with candida was that I cannot eat sugar, that sugar makes me sick and cravings are the devil trying to trick me back to hell. I believed that I was a sugar addict and the only way to survive the thrush, skin falling off and mood swings was simply to just stay away. 

This lead me to denying any craving I had, big or small. I did not even want to try to understand what the craving was trying to communicate to me, to me as long as it started or ended with sugar it was evil, end of discussion. If I did give in and a have a little treat, which I often did, I did not see it as such. Instead, the sweetness would be quickly digested by guilt, the shame of the lack of control measured by the amount of sugar on my plate.

The guilt caused me more illnesses because even when I did try to eat healthy after this, it would still be out of guilt; the guilt of cheating and eating sugar, the guilt of not being in control all the time and the cycle would continue, feeding the sickness in my cells watered through my veins. 

Regardless of how healthy or sweet what I consumed was, I got sick none the less as the shame and guilt effortlessly tried to cling onto every cell in my body. 

For me personally I found that the belief "sugar makes me sick" was not true. It is not that simple. "How and when I eat sugar affects how my body responds to the sugar", now this for me is true. For example; if I eat sugar because I am stressed and use it as my drug because I think I am too good for cocaine and I know no one will judge me if I down my sorrows in sugar, it really does make me sick. Eating with dis-ease of trying to hide my true feelings, gaslighting myself and pretending I am fine, now that definitely makes me sick. 

On the other hand if when I do do treat myself to something sweet, as sweet as I want it, just because I feel like a treat and I know I am not hiding anything, I actually enjoy it and it equally enjoys me, I am a Thomas most times so I have tried this a number of times, it really does work...for me. Following this I actually do not crave more sugar, I am content with my treat and eating healthy becomes a norm, not punishment or a ruler to set the sugary record straight. 

I also looked deep into where my addiction for sugar actually came from and it was way more than candida or what meets the eye. It went deeper in the roots that gave rise to me even though they are no longer physically here to show the tale. 

Understanding this limiting belief has helped me to deal with my emotions appropriately and to enjoy foods that agree with my body at that moment in time. Now I do not get sick from the sugary limiting belief, I know how to measure what sugar is good for me. 

I have an entire video on my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lENCaSN-Q7o where I talk more about limiting beliefs,  do check it out. There is more to limiting beliefs than what we see at face value.

Kagiso Msimang in her book title says "Unf*uck Yourself Unf*ck the World" and I understand exactly what she means. I am unlocking myself one limiting belief at a time, making this world a better place, one healed person at a time. It starts with me and goes all the way to those who came before me and those who come after me, even when I am physically gone. 

What are your limiting beliefs? What are they stopping you from achieving? I am here, let's peel them off, one belief, one layer at a time so you can enjoy thriving in your true essence. 

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