Self Discovery Coaching

When you know who you are and are in tune with yourself you do not try to fit in, life fits in with you. Knowing oneself forms the basis of every individual's success and it is through this that we help people to discover their true selves in order for them to find freedom and pleasure in their ultimate purpose, giving value in service to others across the globe. 

Using a transformational centered approach, self discovery coaching begins with techniques to help you understand your core purpose, flowing into career coaching in line with your divine true self and finally, personal development and interpersonal effectiveness skills.  View more

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Pillars of Purpose Driven Coaching and Mentoring for Teens

Purpose Driven Coaching & Mentoring: For Teens

The adults of today are as a result of the children of yesterday.  Purpose driven coaching and mentoring of teens focuses on teens knowing themselves and their purpose, choosing careers in line with their purpose and personal development  as the main pillars.  View More


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Once-off Goal Booster

This is for for people who have a specific outcome they want to achieve, but do not know how to go about achieving this. 

  • Do you feel strongly about a particular blockage in your life despite your efforts?
  • Are you constantly trying to find ways of achieving a certain goal only to be met by a brick wall each time?
  • Do you know your purpose but you are not sure how to live in alignment with this purpose?
  • Are you struggling to be happy despite changing jobs with every season?

if you answered yes to any of the above then this is for you. 

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