Complimenting Your Child

Complimenting your child goes a long way

A number of parents have told me that they are running out of things to like or compliment kids on and requested a few pointers, here are a few examples:


  • Your eyes are beautiful, they light up this room and mood
  • Look at your skin, it's soooo smooth. Please share your routine?
  • I love your nails, the shape and colour look as though you went for a manicure

  • Play a song like "Brown Skin girl", sing along and touch their skin


  • I need a hug, and while hugging them tell them they give great hugs
  • Thank you, doing xyz was so thoughtful of you, I love it
  • Thank you for trusting me enough to open up about abc...


  • Ask them to help with counting of something e.g. Money to be spent on an item and how much will return then "you are so good with numbers.!"

Arts, sports, crafts and manual things

  • You make delicious gravy or whatever great meal or food item
  • Ohhh my car is always extra clean when washed by you, thank you!
  • I admire the effort you put into your sports practice
  • When last did you write a poem/song? After sharing it with you, "it's beautiful, I love that message about xyz"

The more specific you are the better. Be genuine, kids can easily pick up when you are trying to soften them up. The more validation or compliments a child receives at home, the less they seek it from the outside world, the more more confident they become. It becomes easier to love themselves and see their value. This makes it easier for them in any kind or relationship, professional, academic, personal, it makes a huge difference.

I hope this helps💓💓