I grew up in a rural area in Kwa-Ndebele called Thembalethu (our hope) raised by two domestic workers and the community as I single headedly took care the household while my parents had to make a living in Johannesburg.  I have a BSc Honours in Environmental Analysis and Management from the University of Pretoria and worked in Safety, Health, Environmental as well Risk Management for the first part of my career until I decided to accept myself, my purpose and embarked on coaching on a full time basis. I did not realise the significance of the name Thembalethu until later on in life, our people are our hope.

My dad was a domestic worker and I was fortunate enough to have resources from my dad’s employers that lead me to networks and information I have today. Not many of our African children have this privilege. Access to information and guidance served as a stepping stone for me and I too want to be a stepping stone for others to their success. 

For as long as I can remember growing up I have had people coming to me when they need advice, when they need assistance setting goals or are just hitting a brick wall in life and I have loved and learned from this part of my life. The more I grow, the more I see a constant need for people to be guided and coached in this journey called life in a way that takes account of our family structures and dynamics as well as cultural and traditional ways of life as Africans. I see the need to coach children to help them heal their traumas, have great relationships, build their confidence where needed, establish goal setting that is aligned with who they are so they can be the best that they ought to be. I believe that in doing this, we will at some point ultimately have adults who are not wounded but grounded and true to their inner selves, successful and peaceful, a society that continues to be freed of traumas and a safer journey paved for the next generations to come.

I have a passion for imparting knowledge, healing, guiding and walking the journey with others. I love to see people achieve their aspirations and grow.

Are you feeling stuck in life?
Do you find yourself procrastinating a lot?
Are you struggling to find your worth, or even feeling worthless?
Do you lack motivation to do things that you love in the name of "there is no time"?
Are you confused about what your purpose is, the reason why you were born onto this earth to begin with?
Do you desire to be aligned to your purpose?
Are you ashamed to get into your purpose because you do not have the qualification, or you do not want to be judged?
Are you best friends with anxiety attacks?
Do you find it hard to say no or often feel guilty after you have said no?
Do you feel like you give too much in relationships and friendships but hardly get anything back?

There is a saying "heal yourself so you can heal others". There was a time when I ticked everything above and more and had no idea whether I was coming or going. I kept asking "why me, when will it end"? It took some work to get out of that zone and I finally learned that it was not just for me, but for me to heal my wounds and be a light vessel. I learned that it was for my cup to overflow so I that may serve and share with others from a saucer that does not run dry.

It was to aid me in accepting that I am Lindiwe, the awaited one, God's Precious gift to the world for me to help make this world a better place, one person at a time.

I am ready to serve, to coach you so that you too can say "I used to think /feel like this, but I am in a better place", so you too can find freedom and pleasure in your Devine purpose.

I am Precious Lindiwe Ramushu, a COMENSA registered Self Discovery and Development Coach, and I am here to help you discover your Devine self, be in alignment with your true purpose and achieve positive personal growth.

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