Discover Your True SELF

 When you know who you are and are in tune with yourself you do not try to fit in, life fits in with you. Knowing oneself forms the basis of every individual's success and it is through this that we help people to discover their true selves in order for them to find freedom and pleasure in their ultimate purpose, giving value in service to others across the globe. 

Using a transformational centered approach, self discovery coaching begins with techniques to help you understand your core purpose, flowing into career coaching in line with your divine true self and finally, personal development and interpersonal effectiveness skills.

As we grow we are impacted and moulded by things such as our family dynamics, society, media, education system, religion, cultural and traditional belief systems as well as various other aspects of our daily lives. These all not only shape us, but also form layers that end up covering our true selves and essence through aspects such as career choices we actually despise, self-limiting beliefs, walls we build around ourselves to either cope or progress in life and procrastination etc. 

Imagine the true you is like a pearl inside the center of an onion that is inside a lettuce inside a cabbage at the bottom of the ocean. Self discovery takes you through a process of understanding this and equips you with skills to uncover the answers lying dormant within you for you to finally find the value in you and use this freedom and joy through your purpose.

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Discover your true self

Align your career with your purpose

interpersonal effectiveness
personal improvement

Align Your CAREER with your pURPOSE

Choosing a career that is line with your purpose, strengths and core competencies ensures that service delivery is that of outstanding quality.  

This includes knowing yourself, knowing what resources are available to you as well as choosing subjects (for students) in line with your career path forms part of the key inputs of aligning your career to your purpose.

Knowing yourself and your purpose helps you to piece the puzzle pieces of your life together for the image of your journey to make better sense, including the career choices you make


  Interpersonal EFFECTIVENESS

The saying “it is not what you say, but how you say it” sums it up. People are more effective when they are able to express themselves effectively, are assertive as situations require them to be and are able to function effectively as individuals as well as in groups.  

Set boundaries without feeling guilty or stepping on anyone's toes, express your truth with ease and find balance through communication.


 We live in an ever changing world that requires each person to continuously develop in order to provide quality and be the best. Personal development coaching ensures that individuals maximize on their strengths, improve their weaknesses, minimize threats and use all relevant opportunities available to them. 

This ensures that highly motivated individuals become the key stakeholders of the community and ultimately the world

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