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  • 6-Week Program
  • Personalized Goal Setting & 60 day Action Plan
  • Personalized One-on-One Coaching
  • Support via phone & email
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One-on-One Coaching



or pay in 2 installments $

  • 8-Week Program
  • Personalized Goal Setting & 60 day Action Plan
  • Personalized One-on-One Coaching
  • Support via phone & email

Group Coaching Bundle



or pay in 2 installments $

  • 6-week Program
  • Goal Setting Strategy

  • Group Coaching
  • Facebook Support Group

Over R6000 worth of bonuses

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Self Care Kit
Self care worksheet worth R399.99 and self care master class worth R2500 for FREE
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My True Values Masterclass
My True Values Masterclass worth  R3400 for FREE

my signature system

Tuning into my now

  • Establish where you are now emotionally, physically and spiritually
  • Establish mindfulness. You are a creator. What you say with your tongue, thoughts and actions comes to pass
  • Establish self awareness for a better connection with your self
Fine tuning my purpose

  • Find your purpose
  • Find your and align to your true values so you can focus your time where it matters and stop procrastinating 
  • Develop a deeper understanding of what makes up your purpose use my signature CAKE method
reprogramming my past

  • Know your self limiting beliefs so you break down the walls closing in on you
  • Dig deep and get to the root of why you are not fully in your purpose
  • Connect the puzzle pieces of the traumas in your life for a better understanding of your purpose
Building a refreshed me

  • Divorce the fear of being seen or heard  so you can show up and be seen in your truth
  • Establish and maintain your boundaries so can say no with no guilt or shame
  • Connect to your womb for a more centered and grounded you
  • Connect to your inner child so your adult self can take action and stop doubting or procrastinating

Stepping into myself

  • Reconnect with your true self for a fulfilled you that is aligned to your purpose
  • Improve your mindfulness so you do things from a place of self worth
  • Make better decisions quicker
  • Serve from your purpose, from an overflowing cup of self worth and love
  • Unleash the leader in you, the Queen in you
  • Receive with ease and enjoy 
  • Enjoy your relationship with yourself and your loved ones
my roadmap

  • A journey is easier to travel when you have a map and that is why I gift you with a goal setting session equipped with techniques for you to set and achieve your SMART goal
  • A road map with actionable steps for you to take so you can finally step into your dream job

A few words from my clients