Purpose Driven: For Teens

The adults of today are as a result of the children of yesterday. A child who knows themselves makes better choices in life, is aligned to their purpose and steers away from the claws of peer pressure.

Purpose driven coaching and mentoring of teens focuses on helping them understand themselves and their purpose on this earth, choosing careers in line with their true selves as well personal development as the main pillars. 

Pillars of Purpose Driven Coaching and Mentoring for Teens

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More About the Pillars

Understanding of Self

Using coaching tailor-made to suit each child’s personality, knowing of self aims to help your child to

  • Identify their purpose.
  • Understand their gifts in line with fulfilling their purpose here on earth.
  • Understand their personality.
  • Identify and understand their strengths, weakness, loves and dislikes and use these for their betterment.
  • Navigate through life in line with their true self with the confidence of knowing that they are a sovereign being, Divinely created with the power to also create and that they are worthy and capable of fulfilling their mission, their gifts, their reason for being born here on in line with our Divine Creator. 

Career Choices & Effective Use of Resources

School forms part of the foundation of any child. Subject choices are the stepping stones that enable each child to progress through grades that lead them to higher phases of education in line with their career choices. 

This segment of coaching and mentoring aims to assist each child to

  • Choose a career in line with their purpose and gifts.
  • Choose subjects that are in line with their career choices.
  • Know and understand resources available and potentially available to facilitate  their career journey as well as how to obtain such resources.

Personal Development

Personal development focuses on

  • Emotional well-being

Teens are still in the process of finding themselves, understanding what is going on around them and sometimes a ball of emotions. Coaching and mentoring assists teens to understand these emotions better to be more in tune with themselves for improved emotional intelligence. 

  • Confidence

A confident child knows who and what they are, they remain true to themselves and go for opportunities in line with their purpose. Through confidence comes assertiveness and resilience.

  • Self improvement

Improving grades by understanding and managing school results, time management and effectively functioning in humanity form the focus of self improvement.

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